Luxury Vacation Rentals Florida Has To Offer And What To Ask

You’re looking to book luxury vacation rentals in Florida; how exciting! Florida has so much to offer to the vacationer, including Family Reunion Vacation Rental Florida that are some of the best in the country. There are so many reasons to choose a vacation rental over others, as they can provide unique benefits for vacationers. If you’re not careful, however, they can also provide some unnecessary headaches. Take a look at the guide below so all you have to worry about is what you’re going to cook on the grill at the pool!

Luxury Vacation Rentals Florida Has To Offer And What To Ask

Cancellation Policies

This may seem obvious, but when looking to book luxury vacation rentals in Florida, it’s important to ask for crystal-clear details regarding cancellation. It doesn’t hurt to get it in writing, either. While planning is crucial, there’s always the possibility that something hinders your plans, such as a missed flight, a weather-related emergency, etc. Make sure to clarify details regarding if you lose your deposit, if you can book a new date, and so on.


Make sure that before you arrive to your Luxury Reunion Vacation Rentals Florida, that you have a secure location available to you to check in, even if it’s after hours. Make sure you can pick up the keys safely, and that they’re not left there unattended. In addition, if you’re traveling in a large group, you will probably at some point break off to do different activities. That means that you will need more than one or two keys to the South Florida Reunion Vacation Homes. Make sure you can obtain additional keys, and are aware of the associated fees, if any.


If you plan on bringing children or pets along for the ride, it’s essential that you communicate with the property owner on what exactly that means. The owner’s interpretation of “pet-friendly” or “child-friendly” may not line up with how you define those terms. Are their guard-walls at the stairs for babies? Are there plants that may be harmful if consumed by a child or pet? It there a barrier around the pool? Make sure to ask these questions before you make your final decision.


If you’re renting a car when you get to your Family Reunion Vacation Rental Florida, or plan on driving there, then make sure to note how many cars you’ll be bringing with you. If there are multiple families going together, ask the property owner how many cars you’re allowed to bring or how many spaces will be available. If you’ll be flying, it may not even be necessary to rent a car, as the property may be close to reliable public transportation.

Emergency Numbers

If something happens in your luxury vacation rental in Florida, it’s important to know who to call. Maybe a faucet in the kitchen breaks; will there be a property manager available to ensure it’s fixed in a timely manner? What happens if you get locked out and don’t have an extra key available? Try to avoid all miscommunication before you book your rental so that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

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